How to Be a Responsible Bird Owner

There is a lot more to owning a bird than many people would think. Follow our best advice to be a better bird owner.
Low-maintenance pet birds species
8 Top Low-Maintenance Pet Bird Species
Budgie birds illustration
A Guide to Pet Budgie Birds
Bourke's parakeet sitting on a tree branch.
Bourke's Parakeet (Parrot): Bird Species Profile
illustration of poisonous foods to pet birds
10 Common Foods That Can Poison Your Bird
cockatiel on a girl's shoulder
These 7 Birds Make the Best Pets for Kids
Portrait of a Parrot of French Guiana
10 Top Amazon Parrot Species as Pets
Parakeet on a finger
Cool Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet Bird
Scarlet Macaw
5 Fun Facts About Macaws
Pet Macaw Species
Popular Macaws That Make Outstanding Pets
A sad looking Indian Parrot
Stress in Pet Birds
Pacific Parrotlet, Forpus coelestis on green grass (forpus is a
8 Top Blue Parrot Species to Keep as Pets
Parrot standing outside a cage.
Signs That Your Bird Is Depressed
Major Mitchell Cockatoo
10 Top Pet Cockatoo Species
Plum-headed Parakeet
Plum-Headed Parakeet: Bird Species Profile
The golden parakeet bird or golden conure
8 Top Yellow Parrots to Keep as Pets
Close-Up Of Hand Holding A Bird
5 Best Large Parrots to Keep as Pets
Parrots Illustration
Facts About African Grey Parrots
Illustrated facts about lovebirds.
Facts About Lovebirds
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
Major Mitchell's (Leadbeater's) Cockatoo: Bird Species Profile
Yellow-napped parrot (Amazona auropalliata), Costa Rica
Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot: Bird Species Profile
Turquoise-fronted amazon parrot perching on branch
Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot: Bird Species Profile
Monk Parakeet in Barcelona
5 Interesting Facts About Quaker Parrots
Pair of Quaker parrots in a tree
Quaker Parrot (Monk Parakeet): Bird Species Profile
Fun facts of Indian Ringneck Parakeets.
5 Fun Facts About Indian Ringneck Parakeets
Zebra finch
8 Top Gentle Pet Bird Species
8 Top Red Birds to Keep as Pets
Scarlet Macaw
8 Best Trainable Pet Bird Species
Close-Up Of Hand Holding Parrot
How to Help Your Bird Gain Weight
Two white cockatooes
Cockatoo: Bird Species Profile
Cropped Image Of Woman Stroking African Grey Parrot
Easy Ways to Bond With Your Bird
Veterinarian doctor is making a check up of a parrot.
Bird Health Issues You Should Know About
Sun Conure parrot standing at branch
5 Interesting Facts About Sun Conures
Two sun conures on a branch
Sun Conure: Bird Species Profile
Close up of black palm cockatoo
Black Palm Cockatoo (Goliath Cockatoo): Bird Species Profile
A Scarlet-chested Parrot eating grass seeds in Melbourne, Victoria, AU. Melbourne is outside the normal range of this bird, so its suspected that this is an escaped aviary bird.
Scarlet-Chested Parakeets: Bird Species Profile
Parakeet Budgie Budgerigar
Are There Different Types of Parakeets?
Rainbow lorikeets on a platform
Rainbow Lorikeets: Species Characteristics & Care
Green domestic budgie sitting with his toy friend.
How to Prevent Boredom in Pet Birds
A blue-yellow macaw scratching itself
How to Identify and Get Rid of Parrot Lice
Yellow-Headed Amazon parrot
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot: Bird Species Profile
Beautiful Birds On The Fingers. Parrot On The Finger, Parrot Sun Conure On Hand.
Words and Phrases to Teach a Parrot
A white sulphur-crested cockatoo sitting on a branch with its left wing spread.
Sulphur-Crested (Greater) Cockatoo: Bird Species Profile
Jenday Conure, Jandaya Parakeet, Aratinga jandaya
Jenday Conure: Bird Species Profile
Birds In Cage Against Wooden Wall For Sale At Market
How To Paint a Bird Cage
Parrot eating food in hand.
Keeping Wild Birds as Pets
A pair of Spectacled Parrotlets in Colombia
Facts About Parrotlets
Rainbow lorikeets (Trichoglossus moluccanus) perching on branch, Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England, UK
8 Top Brightly Colored Pet Birds
Blue Budgerigar
7 Reasons Why Birds Make Great Companions for the Right Home
Hand petting a large bird
How to Train Your Bird to Be More Friendly
White cockatoo head with gray beak closeup
8 Best Types of Talking Pet Birds
Blue headed parrot. Pionus menstruus. South and Ce
Blue Headed Pionus (Pionus menstruus)
Beautiful parrot eat watermelon
Vitamin-Rich Foods for Pet Birds
Eclectus Parrot, Eclectus roratus polychloros, green and red parrot sitting on the branch, clear brown background, bird in the nature habitat on Western Papuan Islands, New Guinea in Asia.
8 Worst Pet Bird Species for Kids
Lorakeet Biting His Feathers
Pet Bird Behavior Problems
Woman kissing cockatiel
How Do I Teach My Bird Its Name?
Ringneck Parakeet
8 Top Loudest Parrots Often Kept as Pets
Green cheek conure bird standing.
Green-Cheeked Conure (Green-Cheeked Parakeet): Bird Species Profile
Budgerigars Against White Background
Color Mutations in Parrots and Other Birds
Green Parrot sits on shoulder
Safety Tips for Handling Parrots
Funny budgerigar. Cute green budgie parrot sits on a finger and looking at the camera.
How to Hold a Bird Safely