How to Care for Your Aquarium

Keeping your fish healthy takes a lot of care. Get the expert advice you need to keep your aquarium perfect for your pets.

Goldfish (Carassius auratus) swimming in large rectangular fish tank.
Basic Types of Aquarium Filtration Systems
Aquarium with blue, orange and blue-striped fish swimming in front of underwater leaves
Guidelines for Stocking Your Aquarium
fish swimming in an aquarium tank
Aquarium Heater Size Guide
fishes in a marine aquarium
The 11 Most Common Mistakes Made by Saltwater Aquarium Keepers
fish swimming in an aquarium with algae in the background
How to Control and Prevent Algae in Your Fish Tank
Japanese Rice Fish
Purpose and Types of Aquarium Substrate
Dirty Aquarium Water
Causes and Fixes for Yellow or Brown Aquarium Water
A child looking at a fish tank
What to Know Before Buying an Aquarium
Goldfish Swimming In Aquarium
How and Why You Should Seed a New Aquarium
small aquarium
Designing a Glass Aquarium
Fish Swimming In Aquarium
How Much Aquarium Supplies Do I Need?
Saltwater reef aquarium
Instructions for Setting Up a Saltwater Aquarium
Goldfish in an aquarium
Routine Aquarium Maintenance
Causes of Low Oxygen in Aquariums
6 Ways to Fix Low Oxygen in a Fish Tank
Cichlid tank decorated with live and fake plants
How to Manually Generate Heat in Your Aquarium If the Power Goes Out
Close-Up Of Siamese Fighting Fish In Tank
When to Use Sponge Filters for Aquariums
man maintaining saltwater aquarium
How to Remove & Prevent White Residue on Aquarium Glass
Nutrafin Aquarium Water Test Kit
How to Test the Water in Your Fish Tank
Close-Up Of Fish In Dirty Tank
What Is Old Tank Syndrome?
Lovely little girl admiring fish in aquarium
Buying an Aquarium for a Child or Teen
Aquascape aquarium
What Is Aquascaping?
Girl using a chemical test kit to measure the quality of water in a home aquarium
Aquarium Water Parameters to Control for Healthy Fish
About 20 different fish swimming in an aquarium.
Pros and Cons of Double Tank Stands
Close-Up Of Fish Swimming In Aquarium
Make Your Own Aquarium Canopy
Goldfish in a fish tank with green gravel
Why Do I Need Aquarium Gravel or Substrate?
Aquarium with plants and clean water and fish swimming
How to Clean Algae From Aquarium Plants
Koi in koi pond
A Comprehensive Guide to Koi Ponds
Black and White Striped Fish in Fish Tank
How to Quickly Reduce Nitrate in a Fish Tank
Tropical fresh water aquarium front view with lush foliage plants and some fishes yellow Pterophyllum Scalare and Cardinalis neon
How to Cycle A Fish Tank
aquarium with fish and coral
How to Build Your Own Aquarium Chiller
How to Pack the Media in Your Canister Filter
Fish tank with mollies and guppies
What Causes High pH in an Aquarium?
saltwater aquarium
What to Do After Your Aquarium Has Finished Cycling
Pebbles on a river bed. Reflections and ripples on the surface.
Can I Use Outdoor Gravel or Rocks in an Aquarium?
Using Activated Carbon in Aquarium Filters
Using Activated Carbon in Aquarium Filters
low-maintenance aquarium
How to Create and Maintain a Minimal-Maintenance Aquarium
Wall mounted aquarium with tropical fish
How to Prepare Gravel and Substrate for a New Aquarium
Colorful Fish From The Spieces Symphysodon Discus In Aquarium. Closeup, Selective Focus.
Equipment for Aquarium Water Movement
A healthy freshwater aquarium with a variety of fish and decor
Limestone Rocks in Aquariums and Water pH
Kissing Gold Fish near aquarium gravel
How to Replace Aquarium Substrate
low-maintenance aquarium
What You Should Know About Aquarium Lighting
angelfish in an aquarium
Acriflavine for Aquarium Fish
Saltwater aquarium
Getting Salt Creep off Your Glass Aquarium
Using Bleach to Clean Your Aquarium
Mother and son looking at aquarium
Is Grounding an Aquarium Necessary?
Aquarium with Goldfish
How to Lower High Water Temperature in Aquariums
Glass Algae
Spot Algae Causes and Cures for Your Aquarium
Parrot cichlid swimming under venturi air outflow
Aquarium Air Pump Accessories
48" diy Aquarium Stand
How to Build a Simple DIY Aquarium Stand
Fish Tank
How to Repair Leaks in Glass Aquariums
Tropical fish swimming in aquarium outside kitchen
Treating Aquarium Water
A diagram of how to clean stinky aquarium water
Identify & Treat the Causes of Smelly Aquarium Water
Foam on Aquarium Water
Why Are There Foamy Bubbles in My Fish Tank?
air bubbles in aquarium
How to Manually Generate Oxygen in Aquariums
Nitrogen cycle in the aquarium
The Nitrogen Cycle in Aquariums
Fishbowl and an aquarium on a sideboard
What Is an Aquarium Drip Loop?
Young girl looking in fish tank
How To Add Water to an Aquarium
Power Filter
Cleaning a Hang On Back (HOB) Aquarium Filter
Three- Lined Catfish, Resting on Lava Rock in Aquarium
DIY Aquarium Filter Bags and Media
Aquarium Substrate
Substrate Setup for Live Plants