What Dogs Can Eat

Your dog might ask you for table scraps, but there are certain foods you should never feed them. Here’s what dogs can—and definitely can’t—eat.

cat in litter box
Is Baking Soda Bad for Cats?
can dogs eat grapes
Can Dogs Eat Grapes?
Fish oil tablets held in hand over dog laying on floor
Can I Give My Dog Fish Oil for Humans?
An adult Keeshond sitting outdoors.
Keeshond: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care
Brown dog outside holding big slice of watermelon in his mouth.
What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?
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What Parts of a Turkey Can I Feed My Dog?
A black furry dog in focus staring at a plate of pasta.
Can Dogs Eat Pasta?
dog with carrot
Can Dogs Eat Carrots?
dog chewing on bone
Are Bones Safe for Dogs?
cranberry juice
Can Dogs Have Cranberry Juice?
dog and chocolate
How Much Chocolate Is Toxic to Dogs?
White dog standing next to plate of pork strips
Can Dogs Eat Pork?
puppy eating carrot
Which Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?
Kiwi fruit cut in half
Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?
a cup of yogurt on wood
Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?
Dog with bone
Why You Should Keep Cooked Bones Away From Your Dog This Holiday Season
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Is Coconut Oil Safe for Dogs?
hard-boiled eggs cut in half
Can Dogs Eat Eggs?
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Is Xylitol Safe for Dogs?
Mixed terrier staring at a piece of cheese on the table
Can Dogs Eat Cheese?
Dog holding food bowl in mouth
Dog Food Basics
Sick-looking dog resting head on pillow.
Do Dogs Get High? Effects and Dangers of Marijuana
Up close shot of canned tuna being flaked with fork.
Is Tuna Good For Dogs?
Maltese Wearing Sunglasses and Pineapple with Sunglasses Laying in the Grass
Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?
dog and watermelon
Can My Dog Eat Watermelon?
dog with basket of tomatoes
Can My Dog Eat Tomatoes?
Walnut pieces and nutcracker on cutting board, close-up
Can Dogs Eat Walnuts?
Fresh, Whole Nectarines
Can Dogs Eat Nectarines?
Dachshund begging for food
Can Dogs Eat Garlic
Man Feeding Popsicle To Dog at Beach
Can Dogs Eat Popsicles?
Pecan Halves
Can Dogs Eat Pecans?
A dog standing near a plate of cheese
Can Dogs Eat Parmesan Cheese?
puppy smelling kale
Can Dogs Eat Kale?
dog treat varieties, boxer puppy waiting for treat
Dog Treat Varieties
Golden Retriever puppy drinking milk fron a bottle
Can Dogs Drink Milk?
bulldog sniffing bagel
Can Dogs Eat Bread?
Boston Terrier Sniffing a Shallot
Can Dogs Eat Onion?
Can Dogs Eat Avocado?
dog eating pumpkin
Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin?
dog sitting on the sidewalk with bag of vegetables
Can Dogs Eat Peppers?
Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe?
puppy chewing on blueberries in the garden
Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?
almonds on a hard surface
Can Dogs Eat Almonds?
Raw food in dog bowl with dog feet.
The Pros and Cons of a Raw Food Diet for Dogs
dog sitting with broccoli
Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?
German Shepard dog sniffing corn on the cob from white plate on table
Can Dogs Eat Corn on the Cob?
Cream-colored dog eating ice cream out of cone on grass lawn
Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?
Dog staring at bowl of raw chicken on a kitchen table.
Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?
Celery stalks on cutting board with dog looking up at celery
Can Dogs Eat Celery?
Is Rawhide Bad for Dogs?
Is Rawhide Bad for Dogs?
Mushroom pieces on cutting board with dog looking up at mushrooms
Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?
dog sniffing salad
Can Dogs Eat Lettuce?
USA, Utah, Salt Lake City, Dog's head emerging from beneath table
Can Dogs Eat Nutmeg?
dog smiling
Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon?
dog looking at cereal
Can Dogs Eat Cereal?
Dog watching woman peel sweet potatoes
Can My Dog Eat Sweet Potatoes?
Cropped Hand Of Woman Holding Cake Against Bull Terrier Standing On Street
Can Dogs Eat Blackberries?
dog looking at popcorn
Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?
Can Dogs Eat Honey?
dog eating rice
Can Dogs Eat Rice?