Getting Started With Your Kitten

Learn about what you’ll need to take care of your new kitten, as well as helpful tips for keeping it safe, healthy, and purring.

How Can I Tell the Sex of a Cat?
How Can I Tell the Sex of a Cat?
Grey tabby kitten with adult grey cat
How to Introduce a Kitten to an Older Cat
Brown and tan striped kitten biting owner's fingers
How to Stop Kittens From Scratching and Biting
Three kittens suckling from their mother
How Long Should a Kitten Stay With Its Mother?
Brown and tan kitten laying on rug and playing with small mouse toy
How to Stop Aggression in Kittens
How to Determine Your Kitten's Gender
How to Tell If a Kitten is a Boy or a Girl
Grey tabby kitten and a girl
The First 30 Days With Your New Kitten
Eating cat
Kitten Feeding Schedule: How Much Food Kittens Need
Gray and white four month old kitten standing on light gray office chair closeup
Kitten Development From 3 to 6 Months
Conditions to Look Out for in a New Mother Cat
Postnatal Care of a Mother Cat and Her Newborn Kittens
Bottle feeding kitten in pink towel
Homemade Kitten Milk Replacer Recipes
Grey tabby kitten in a litter box with white background
Diarrhea in Kittens
Young female veterinary doctor looking on cute kitten
Vaccination Schedule for Kittens
Mother cat with kittens
What to Do if a Mother Cat Can't Nurse Her Kittens
Small kitten with orange and tan fur laying on couch with throw pillows
Your Kitten's Development in the First Six Weeks
Black and white kitten playing with a feather chase toy
Kitten Development From 6 to 12 Weeks
Black kitten and tan kitten laying on cream-colored carpet
Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One
Tan-colored kitten laying in a white round bed
Kitten Development in the First Six Weeks of Life
Germany, Newborn kittens sleeping on blanket, close up
Kitten Development From Newborn to One Week Old
Black and white kitten with mouth open showing baby teeth
What You Should Know About Kitten Teeth and Dental Care
Kitten constipation leads to empty litter boxes
Kitten Constipation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Veterinarian hands examining kitten
How to Prepare Your Kitten for Its First Vet Visit
mother tabby cat with kitten
Changes Seen During a Cat's Main Stages of Life
Kitten Resting on Cat Toy
How to Prepare for a New Kitten
Tiny grey tabby kitten in hands
Fading Kitten Syndrome in Cats
Gray striped American Shorthair cat laying down and looking at camera.
Reasons Why a Cat Doesn't Meow
Tan and white cat laying next to food bowl
How Often Should I Feed My Cat?
Tan kitten wrapped in a white towel after getting a bath
How to Give Your Kitten a Bath
A newborn kitten
Raising Newborn Kittens
Furry tan kitten eating soft food from metal dish
Choosing the Best Food for Kittens
Tan and black kitten laying together in a soft round bed
Finding Good Homes for Kittens
Om Feeding
How to Bottle Feed Your Newborn Kittens
A kitten and puppy taking a nap together.
Proof That Puppies and Kittens Are Better Together
Black kitten with white paws stepping into litter box
Training Your Kitten to Use the Litter Box
Black and white kitten laying next to tan-colored kitten on gray couch
How to Socialize Your Kitten
Gray tabby kitten examined by vet
What to Expect With Your Kitten's First Vet Visit
Tan kitten playing with small red and green cat toy
How to Keep Your Kitten Safe While Playing